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Happy March!

A week ago we heard the promising news that there is an end in sight... what followed was an influx of elated couples making contact to reschedule with (hopefully) the final date for their wedding.

So the news is, from April 12th not only are we allowed to reopen the door to the showroom, weddings of up to 15 people can take place, this is huge step in the right direction. From May 17th, weddings of up to 30 people and from June 21st (day before my birthday!) the restrictions are lifted, providing all goes well. Although we are still unsure how this will work with how many guests we will be able to have this is the welcomed news the whole of the wedding and events industry has been waiting for.

We can not wait to get back to surrounding ourselves with love and pretty things (not that homeschooling 2 children, zoom calls and needy pets hasn't been a delight!)

What will I do on the first day back? probably sit in the consultation area with a cup of tea and think how lucky we are to still be in business. We have seen many businesses disappear and staff made redundant over the last year and we can not express how grateful we are for your continued support and that I DO is still going strong.

We currently have over 30 weddings planning to go ahead this year with some still waiting on new dates. 2022 is looking good aswell. Staff have been sent their summer work schedules and are all excited to get started, not just because of the wedding set ups but also the road trips, laughs, and 'business lunches' we have along the way.

And finally I had my cast removed today. 6 weeks ago I broke my wrist in two places which isn't ideal for a florist but at least it was in lockdown and it has healed well and now the sun is shining and brighter days are coming!


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